Useful Apps from Apple’s Online Store

While the Apple App Store recently celebrated its 10th anniversary

, it marked a milestone for small businesses. Since 2008, the store opened with 500 apps, the store has opened with customers in more than 155 countries. For the past decade, the online store has been helping even small businesses find the best resources for their iPads and iPhones. Best apps for small businesses
Here’s why Small Business Trends has put together a list of the Apple App Store’s most useful products for small businesses.7 Most Useful Small Business Apps from Apple’s Online Store

iTunesBusiness Apps from Apple’s Online Store

There were bound to be some familiar names on this list and it should come as no surprise that iTunes is at the top. Charlrata Deloch runs her business strategy company, SJD Enterprises LLC.. She was quick to explain how great this popular entertainment app is even for small businesses.
Kim Smith works with a B2B research and review platform based out of Washington DC. He recommended this app because it handles a lot of accounting tasks for small businesses.

“With online employee shipping, Gusto

naturally notifies administration of new contracts. Handles all local, state and government tax filing. Computerizes derivatives for benefits and workers,” the compliment, and emails to workers High pay stubs,” she says.
This is a great resource for freelancers who are always scouring the internet in search of work. One of the best things about this app is that you can apply to jobs with just one tap and add your linked profile.
Location-based searches are another huge positive.

Mail champ

Ecommerce merges that are great for small businesses keep this app a spot on our list. A small enterprise can integrate their account to a variety of tasks including learning what their customers are buying from places like 7 Most Useful Small Business Apps from Apple’s Online Store

ShopifyDot Apple Inc.

(NesDeck: AAPL) An email was sent to App Store-affiliated program members this week saying it’s reducing its commission rates from seven percent to 2.5 percent on May 1.
According to Brett Therapistra, associated with the email receiving app store, the changes only affect affiliated references for apps. Other iTunes and iBox store content such as music, movies, TV shows and books will continue to receive the original seven percent rate.

“I use the link attached to everything

… And it generates a small portion of my monthly income. “Not much, but it’s enough to see,” wrote a letter to Therapistra in a post on his blog talking about Apple’s decision to cut its associated commissions. Citing a nearly 65 per cent drop in commission rate, Terpistra said “It’s a great cut to go through just a week before it comes into effect.”
Apparently, affiliates were only given a week of warning on the upcoming change. Affiliates aren’t happy as App Store commissions were cut
Federico Wateki, another app store associate, and founder of Apple News and app reviews site MacStoriesNet, took to Twitter to express his frustration, calling the move “sucks.”7 Most Useful Small Business Apps from Apple’s Online Store
Wateki published an image that looks like a copy of the people associated with the email received:

Program associated with Apple App Store

App Store-affiliated program allows owners of Apple community websites to link to App Store . The link they use has a unique reference ID for each associate. When customers click this link and make purchases in-app or in-app, Apple pays affiliates a small cut of eligible sellers. App developers get 70 per cent of sales, while the associate partner encourages more users to refer.

Now that Apple is rapidly rolling out this product

Now that Apple is rapidly rolling out this product, the tech company risks separating its affiliated partners who are a key source of revenue for developers of apps sold on the App Store.7 Most Useful Small Business Apps from Apple’s Online Store However, the new commission rate reduction applies only to affiliates and will not affect app developers.

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