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Most business owners deal with the same thing on their computers day in and day out

. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a fast and easy way to complete those repetitive tasks? Rather than browsing through your device to find specific programs or open commonly used documents, you may benefit from using a programmable keyboard.
These products include buttons that can be customizable to program specific functions or perform cut-and-paste text. Options have also been created for specific functions such as content creation, photo editing, and gaming.
Some of these are completely customizable. So all the buttons can be set up for the various tasks you do frequently.. And the others only include a small portion of buttons that you can customize.
If you’re looking for a way to save time and cut repetition from your busy day, a programmable keyboard is just the thing. Here are the best. Programmable keyboards to consider

Choosing the best program for your business

starts with understanding the options. There are some products that are completely customizable. There’s others that include just the small parts of keys you can convert to macros and short cuts. If you’re going to pay at a premium price, consider the customer service offered by the company. Especially if the keyboard has a hard wicker to learn.
Below, we’ve broken down these products to help you find the best fit for your needs. Each one includes a fraction of the essential features, details and price. If you’re interested in buying a programmable keyboard for your business, there are some top options to consider. Best keyboards with programmable keys
This list contains a certain number of

function keys in keyboards that can be configured to run multiple functions and macros

. Then the rest of the keyboard just works as usual. Many people are marketed for gaming use. But there are lots of tasks you can decide that can work for business use as well. These products work great for those who just want to stick with an important keyboard but also get the benefits of programmable buttons.
Redragon K511 PR RGB Gaming Keyboard Wired LED Backlight Program Capable Micro Keyboard
This Redragon gaming keyboard comes with 104 keys. And 5 of these are programmable macro keys. It has relaxed keywords that create a relaxed working environment. This also includes backlighting in various different colors and levels for added style and elegance. It’s compatible with most PC brands and operating systems. And it’s currently priced at $29.99, so it’s a pretty cheap option.
Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard AW768
From Dell,

this silver keyboard comes with 15 programmable keys

that can connect to various macros. So it has more options than many other semi-programmable keyboards on the market. Includes ambient lights in different colors on the back of keys. This one is priced at $95.97.
Das keyboard 4Q smart rgb mechanical keyboard

This mechanical keyboard by Das Keyboard works

using Smart RGB Cherry MX version of Das Keyboard. So this requires some knowledge about programming and a platform for users to enjoy maximum functionality. All of his buttons can actually be customized. So there really are endless options for those who want to make lots of shortcuts. But it also includes a standard keyboard setup so it can still work for those who prefer predominantly traditional setup. Prices start as low as $149.25.
 He is known by colors, which indicate the handling qualities. How much power does it take, whether it’s a click or a plan. The Cherry MX Red, introduced in 2008, for example, is a less practical force. So the color you choose will dictate how they work.
Trust GXT 285 sideast led rgp backlight wired gaming keyboard

This keyboard with custom keys comes from Trust Gaming.

Includes 5 custom micro buttons and 3 different profiles so you can actually save three different macros for each key. You easily change methods or profiles when you are doing different things. This is mainly useful for gaming. But it can be useful for those who have different macros to use in different events. For example, when you are working on a spreadsheet and can use another profile for video editing with media keys. Black keyboard is backlit and connects to any device using a USB bone. It also includes software for easy programming macros. This program runs for $39.97.

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