CBD oil is one of those traits that just won’t stay out of our Instagram feeds. It’s inescapable: there’s CBD food, CBD drinks, even CBD beauty products. Derived from the cannabis plant, the cult product is claimed to assist conditions similar to anxiety or pain, giving users the stress-free results of marijuana with none of the, erm, freakier negative effects. But now the Food Standards Agency has spoken out in opposition to the CBD, warning that people on remedy, breastfeeding mothers, and pregnant women should not be eating CBD-infused food. The FSA warned that products may need to be banned from UK outlets if the folks producing the CBD-infused merchandise fail to supply extra detailed data concerning the security of their products. Speaking concerning the warning, FSA Chief Executive Emily Miles instructed that many products obtainable on the high street weren’t properly authorised and have been taking part in a dangerous game. “The CBD industry should present extra information about the security and contents of these merchandise to the regulator earlier than 31 March 2021, or the merchandise will probably be taken off the shelves,” she said, by way of The Guardian. “The actions that we’re taking at the moment are a pragmatic and proportionate step in balancing the safety of public well being with client alternative.