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Ford Motor Company of Automobile

Ford Motor Company, American Automotive Corporation,

founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and 11 fellow investors. The company was rejoined in 1919, Ford took full ownership, with his wife, Clara, and his son, Edsel. He, his heirs, and the sole stockholder of the Ford Foundation (founded 1936) until January 1956. Were, when general stock was first offered to the public.Headquarters are in Dearborn, Michigan.
Startup date: Model Tee and assembly line
Henry Ford built his first experimental car in 1896 in a workshop behind his home in Detroit. The first Ford car, the original Model A, was assembled at the Mack Avenue Plant in July 1903 after the founding of the Ford Motor Company.
Five years later, in 1908,Ford Motor Company, American Automotive Corporation

the highly successful Model T was introduced..

The demand for this car was so great that Ford developed new mass production methods to prepare for it in plenty. In 1911 he established Kansas City, Missouri (the industry’s first U.S. branch assembly plant) and the company’s first overseas production plant (opened) in Manchester, England; in 1913 he introduced the world’s first dynamic assembly line for cars. And in 1914, to further improve labor productivity, he introduced a $5 daily wage for eight-hour days (replacing $2.34 for nine-hour days). Assembly Line Productions allowed the price of the Model T-Touring car version to be reduced in 1908 from $850 (equivalent to approximately 18-month salary for average wage) to $1925 (approximately 4 month salary for average wage). Equal to ) By mid 1914, there were more than 500,000 Model T’s on the world’s roads, by 1923

the company was producing more than half of the U.S. automobiles,

and by the late 1920s, Ford’s were in Europe, Latin America, Canada, Asia, South Africa and Australia. I had more than 20 overseas assembly plants. Ford became the most well-known car in the world, with 15 million model T manufactured. The last Model T Ford Motor Company, American Automotive Corporationand the first new Model A were produced in 1927, followed by the first Ford V8 in 1932. In 1922 Ford acquired the Lincoln Motor Company (founded in 1917), which would manufacture Ford’s luxury Lincoln and the Continent. In 1938 Ford introduced the first Mercury, a car in the mid-price range between Ford and Lincoln.Ford Motor Company, American Automotive Corporation

Organization new and expansion

Henry Ford acquired 58.5 percent of the company’s stock in early 1906, and, when other stockholders talked about the idea of building a giant (and expensive) River Rouge plant in Dearbourne, he bought them. Edsel Ford (1893 – 1943 ) Became President ( 1919 ). In 1942, Ford Motor Company stopped manufacturing civilian cars to focus on building cars, planes and tanks for the U.S. Army. On Edsel’s death in 1943, Henry Ford returned to the presidency, but in 1945 he handed it over to his grandson Henry Ford II, who reorganized the company’s complex financial management system and talented young managers — like Robert Mack. He reinforced his

corporate culture by hiring Namara,

who was Ford’s president briefly before becoming Secretary of Defense in 1961. Under the leadership of Henry Ford II, the company introduced models such as Thunderbird (1954) and Mustang (1964). However, the failed introduction of Edsel (model year 1958-60), which was so devastating that “Edsel” became a slug synonym for Fasco, amidst these successes. Henry Ford II led the company as Chief Executive Officer (1945-70) and Chairman of the Board (1960-80).Ford Motor Company, American Automotive Corporation
In the 1950s and ’60s

Ford Motor Company began limited diversification, such as the acquisition of electronics company Falco

Ford Motor Company of Automobile. In 1989 – 90 Ford acquired the British manufacturer of luxury cars Jaguar. Austin Martin became a fully-owned subsidiary in 1993. Later acquisition included rental car company Hertz Corporation in 1994, Volvo’s automobile division in 1999, and Land Rover brand of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in 2000. Ford also bought an important part of Mazda Motor Corporation. However, as Ford struggled in the early 21st century, it began to sell these brands.. Ford sold Hertz in 2005 and Austin Martin in 2007. He sold Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors Limited of India in 2008. Ford began selling its Mazda parts in 2008 and split completely in 2015.Ford Motor Company, American Ford Motor Company, American Automotive Corporation Automotive Corporation

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