Full Spectrum Camera

How to Purchase a Full Spectrum Camera

A full spectrum camera is one that allows you to capture images of the night sky, normal images, and infrared pictures. The camera can allow more light into the lenses than a standard camera including the invisible light spectrum. eBay has full spectrum cameras available at affordable prices.

How does a full spectrum camera work?

A full spectrum camera is one that has an internal IR filter in the camera that allows it to capture the entire light spectrum. The full spectrum includes ultraviolet (UV) light as well as infrared light. The camera has a changing filter that allows you to see through one of the modes which are ultraviolet light, infrared light, and visible spectrum.

The astro photographic filter allows you to capture the lights and clarity of the nighttime sky with the visible stars. The only thing that is changed between each mode is the lens filters.

What are features of full spectrum cameras?

In addition to autofocus and built-in flash, some features of full spectrum cameras include:

  • 1080p HD video recording – Record HD-quality videos with a high resolution of 1080p.
  • Face detection – Identify faces while recording.
  • Interchangeable lenses – Change between different lenses for IR filming, UV light filming, and visible spectrum filming.
  • Wi-Fi – The camera can connect to a Wi-Fi network to avoid cluttering of photos and video content in the camera. With a simple connection to the internet, all videos and photos can be transferred to a website where you can store your content.

How do you use a Wi-Fi enabled camera?

The Wi-Fi camera allows you to access the internet. Besides uploading photos to your website, you can also use email to send pictures while still on a trip or edit your photos quickly through an editor online. Wi-Fi cameras may transfer the images from the camera on the internet with lower image quality than the original one. However, the original photos and videos are still in the camera, and you can later transfer them with their original quality through a cable to a computer or laptop.

What is a thermal imager?

The cameras have a different temperature range sensitivity letting you know the maximum and minimum temperatures that the camera can measure from the infrared light spectrum. The thermal sensitivity shows the minimum temperature difference that the camera can discern between two different objects. The camera should be chosen to have a temperature range of the environments that you are usually encountering.