— October 13, 2020 —

References: collectiveproject & bevnet

The Collective Projects CBD-infused drinks have been launched by the sister company of the Collective Arts Brewery to offer consumers a flavor-rich way to incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle. The drinks were created by a team of in-house mixologists to help formulate them to taste as good as high-quality cocktails and come in four flavor options including two juices and two sparkling teas. Each 335ml can feature 20mg of hemp-derived CBD and is achieved using fresh, cold-pressed botanical ingredients.

Co-Founder of Collective Project and Collective Arts Brewing Matt Johnston spoke on the new Collective Projects CBD-infused drinks saying, “We’re always challenging ourselves on how we can be disruptive and now we’re challenging our drinkers to look at CBD-infused beverages as a drink to have fun with, and as an alternative to a coffee in the morning or a stiff nightcap to take the edge off.”