Large Format Laser Printers for your needs

Does your business need to print posters,

signs, banners or blueprints. Find there perfect printer for your needs. Don’t spend too much on something with fancy features you’re not going to use. But make sure you can handle whatever you need.Large Format Laser Printers for Your Small Business
Printers come in many sizes. And they meet different budgets. These range from extremely expensive heavy duty models to budget versions. But they still produce high quality prints.
If your small business needs signs, banners and blueprint printing, check out these eight large format laser printers.Large Format Laser Printers for your needs
OkI C844dnw A3 color led laser printer

Okie C844dnw ranks as one of the smallest A3 laser printers

in the market. But it still prints banners measuring 52 inches tall. Printing action remains fast thanks to integrated LED technology. Printer also creates first page in 6.3 seconds. Compact size means it fits comfortably on a desk, although the main tray can hold 300 sheets of A3 paper. Low running costs make the mid-range $1k plus valuation an excellent investment..Large Format Laser Printers for Your Small Business
Canon Image Prograph TM 300
Another compact large format laser printer is

the Canon Image PrographTM300 featuring L36ei scanner mode

with fast printing and three-inch touchscreen interface. The TM300 is the more affordable of the series, plus this version has been upgraded to be significantly calmer than its predecessor. This colorful rain image-making Lucia Pro can print A1 CAD drawings in less than half a minute with inkjet cartridges, while outdoor posters can also be printed using Canon’s special waterproof paper. Canon Image Prograph PR And 1000
Canon’s expert photo printing large format laser printer lets you print high quality borderless A2 photos. It can print on glossy or matte finish and uses twelve separate 80ml oil-based inkjet cartridges to print professional-grade images. The price of such high print quality is a slow print time, with an A2 page taking about six minutes. The Canon PRO 1000 is ideal for both color and black and white photography.Large Format Laser Printers for your needs

Canon Image Prograph PRO 2000

The $2k Canon PRO 2000 is towards the sharp end of the price range, another member of their popular image prograph range with large format laser printers. Although the price range is significantly higher than others, it clearly reflects in the high quality of the print. Using Canon Lucia Pro Inkets, featuring eleven colors and a Chroma Optimizer, the PRO 2000 is a large and heavy printer that can print 61 cm wide.
An even more affordable option is the HP Design Jet T120, which is versatile as it prints in full colour from 61cm width rolls or sheets. It has a touch screen control panel and can work wirelessly from a computer or smartphone. It utilizes CMY cartridges with a print resolution of 1,200 x 1,200dpi which makes it a reliable and well-run printer for photos as well as documents and aragrams.
Epson Express Photo XP-15000 wifi printer Large Format Laser Printers for Your Small Business

This wide-format laser printer from the Epson Expression range

combines wireless networking with high quality image quality for relatively low cost.. Includes 200 sheet paper tray in the back and 50 sheet photo paper feeder tray in the front. With an expensive yet wide range of ink colours for HD quality printing, this Epson XP15000 5,760 x 1,440dpi. HP Design Jet Z9+PS can produce borderless prints with amazing resolution of large format color inkjet printer
As one of the most expensive printers on the market, this HP DesignJet Z9+ PS offers exceptional color control with a secure wireless connection and fast printing. There is no doubt that this is a high quality large format laser printer which can produce 44 inch wide print. Ink colors are limited to nine, but high quality is achieved by cutting-edge print head technology alongside proprietary HP Pixel control. Print speed is a remarkable 70 or moreLarge Format Laser Printers for Your Small Business square yards per hour.Large Format Laser Printers for your needs

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