Nicotine Free Vape

Not everyone wants to take in nicotine when they vape; for those of you searching for a nicotine free vape, look no further than our zero-nic range.

The vape starter kits featured in our nicotine-free range either have refills available in 0mg nicotine or can be refilled with zero-nicotine e-liquid. Starter kits themselves do not contain nicotine; however, the refill or e-liquid you choose for your kit can. We have hand-picked a variety of nicotine free flavor options for you to choose from, whichever kit you decide on!

One option is to choose an e-cigarette that takes pre-filled refill cartridges. Some of these starter kits will come pre-packaged with nicotine-containing cartridges, but it’s often possible to buy the battery and nicotine free cartridges separately. Some e-cigarettes even offer refillable cartridges, so you can fill up with your chosen zero-nic juice!  

Refillable vape pens are another good option if you’re looking to vape without nicotine. Simply fill up the tank with your nicotine free e-liquid of choice and you’re ready to go! Nicotine free vape pen starter kits include the Boulder Rock Kit and the Suorin Air Kit, which has a refillable pod-style design. Make sure to choose the right vape juice for your kit or tank: the starter kits featured on this page should be used with 50/50 PG/VG juices or higher-PG liquids only. Higher-VG juices will damage your coil; to vape these, you will need a sub-ohm kit.

If you’re interested in the simplicity of pre-filled cartridges with the taste and performance of a refillable pen, pod mods are a fantastic choice. Most pod mods come with pre-filled e-liquid pods, allowing you to click and go.


Vaping isn’t only a luxury to be enjoyed by those trying to quit a nasty smoking habit, but can also be enjoyed by those who love the relaxing flavor experience without any nicotine content. Here at The Electric Tobacconist®, we have a huge range of nicotine free e-liquids from dessert e-juice to fruity, tropical and zingy e-juices to the minty, menthol flavored and the rustic tobacco flavored. Because the vaping community doesn’t discriminate, we want everyone to get involved: we’re sure you can find a nicotine free vape juice no matter how obscure your tastes are…