Salahuddin and His Rapid conquer in Jerusalem

Early life and a military career Salahuddin

 was born in a prominent Kurdish family. On the night of his birth, his father, Najam al-Dun Ayeb, gathered his family and went to Aleppo, where he entered the service of Imad al-Dun Zang ibn Aq Sonqour, Turk’s powerful governor in northern Syria. Grew up in Balback and Damascus, Salahuddin was apparently an undivided young man, with a taste in religious science more than military training. His official career began when he joined the crew of his uncle Asad Aldan Shirk, Amir Noor Aldan Underneath an important military commander, who was Zang’s son and successor. During three military campaigns that entered Egypt led by shirk to the Latin ChrisStian  . salahuddin and His Rapid conquer in Jerusalem

the ruler of the Latin state of Jerusalem, a complex, Jerusalem’s king Amalarak I.

Shouar, powerful vizier of Egyptian famed caliphate. And Participation.
. Although they ideologically lived for a time for a vassal of Noor Aldan, this relationship ended with the death of the emperor of Syria in 1174. Using his abundant agricultural wealth in Egypt as a financial basis, Salahuddin soon fled to Syria with a small but strictly disciplined

army to reclaim power from the youngest son of his former sozrian.

However, he soon abandoned this claim, and from 1174 to 1186 he enthusiastically pursued a goal of unity under all Muslim territories of Syria, Northern Mesopotamia, Palestine, and Egypt. He backed skilled diplomacy when necessary through swift and steady use of military force. Gradually his reputation grew as a generous and pious but strong ruler, devoid of show-off, license and oppression. Unlike the bitter disagreement and intense hostility that had up until now hindered Muslims in resistance against the Crusaders, the solidarity of Salahuddin’s cause forced them to rearm them both physically and spiritually. Every action of Salahuddin Jihad,

Salahuddin and the Crusades Salahuddin

Salahuddin also succeeded in shifting the military balance of power in his favor — by uniting and disciplining many disorganized forces, rather than employing more newer or better military techniques. When finally, in 1187, he managed to throw all his might into struggling with the Latin Crusader States, his armies were equal to theirs. On July 4, 1187, with the help of his military goodwill and his extraordinary deficiency by his enemy, the exhausted and thirsty army of the crusaders in Ainon, near Tibrias, northern Palestine, and Destroyed The casualties of the crusaders in this battle were so great that

the Muslims managed to rapidly conquer the entire state of Jerusalem.

Acre, Toron, Beirut, Sidon, Nazareth, Caesareah, Nablus, Jaffa (Yafu), and Askelon (Ishkelon) fell within three months.
Salahuddin intended to avenge the slaughter of Muslims in Jerusalem in 1099 by killing all Christians in the city, but he agreed to purchase their freedom provided the Christian guards left the Muslims unarmed.Salahuddin and His Rapid conquer in Jerusalem

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