Test Your Business Apps

Test your small business apps again and again

But making an app is not enough. You need to get tested to make sure you have no problems. No one can create a completely hassle-free app for the first time. The way you catch insects is through quality assurance testing. If you don’t do this, you will face trouble later.Test Your Small Business Apps
Consumers are so much better online than the brick and mortar world. In the physical world, customers won’t finish their way to the store, but online your customers will uninstall your app if they are small, slow or poorly corrected. In fact, Google survey data shows that half of users install apps because they use up too much storage space, and a third remove them because they freeze too often. And don’t assume you’re Can recover from trend easily to uninstall.

Once your customers uninstall an app,

they don’t bring them back..
Your customers are more likely to choose one app, not many. Very few consumers install competitive apps, even when the products or services the business provides are of equal quality. So many apps make it harder to use your phone. As a result, many customers choose Uber or Lyft instead of installing both apps, driving (pun intended) to customers with one or the other ride share provider. Own your small business to avoid lost product. Check out the apps

Failure to test the quality of the app means a lost product

. Consumers often abandon purchases when ecommerce sites fail to load properly or the checkout function freezes. When they want to check the menu and can’t read it correctly on their phone they keep looking for another restaurant.Test Your Business Apps
 Consumers associate the quality of a company’s apps with the quality of their products or services.Test Your Small Business Apps
Consider the case of Apple whose failure to do QA testing on Apple Maps allowed the release of an app that instructed users to train stations in the middle of the ocean and roads was not there. Frustrating iOS users took their complaints online, and Apple CEO Tim Cook had to apologize to users and encourage the use of competitive apps to curb the screaming. Smaller companies than Apple are less likely to weather these types of storms.

Fixing apps directly before going live is more expensive than fixing the problems.

Post-mention fixes mean you can’t just check your app once and assume everything is good forever. The technology your customers are using to access your app is constantly changing. What was the max experience for them last year can’t be now because your customers got new smartphones.Test Your Business Apps
. If you add new features, you’ll want to re-run the tests you did before releasing the first app. When you expose traffic analysis irregularities, or when customers complain about similar issues you may want to investigate too.
When it comes to testing your small business’ mobile app, you’ve got a lot of options to do just that. You can get a contract with a freelance tester, just like a computer whips down your street.Test Your Small Business Apps Or you could hire the in-house IT guys to work. You can get a deal with large, expensive, outside providers like Rainforest QA that do testing for Fortune 500 companies. Or you could go with more economic tester like my CrudeQA, which is targeting the small business market.

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