What is QR code And how it Works?

QR codes are becoming more and more popular as consumers have finally learned how to use them..

Restaurants, retailers, consultants, among others, all want to learn how to format QR codes, generate sales — and do it with contact solutions.
Today, anyone who has access to the web can generate a QR code. There are lots of free QR code generators and we’ve added a list of QR code generators below, with notes on the components of each one. But first, let’s start by understanding what QR codes are and how they work.What is QR code And how it Works?

What is a QR code?

A quick response code, or QR code for short, is a type of barcode that contains far more information than standard barcodes. QR codes are 2-D (two-dimensional) and look very different from standard bar codes. Instead of bars and numbers like barcodes on vegetable cans, generated QR codes usually come in the shape of logos, a recognizable square shape with angle markers and more squares inside the body. QR code can store enough for 4,296 characters—any URL or web address, an email address and more.
“Quick Reply” in QR code means that when scanned people have instant access to URLs or other information embedded in the code. Today, any user with a smartphone can scan a QR code to access a website address or other information.What is QR code And how it Works?
Toyota supplier Danso View Inc. invented the Quick Response Code for the automotive industry in Japan in 1994. In fact, the phrase “QR Code” is a registered trademark of Denso View Inc. But today that phrase holds on to a wider meaning to describe the type of usually unique-looking barcode.

How do QR codes work?

The way 2-D code works is that some party first creates the code, and then the user scans the code with a QR Code Reader, which is commonly used mobile apps on iPhone or Android smartphones today.
QR codes may seem geeky, but you don’t have to understand the complex technology behind them. Just know there are two pieces to use these codes. One — someone created QR codes, and two — the user has to scan the code to read. Let’s break down these two parts further.

Create a QR code

A business that wants to share information with customers or prospects must first develop a QR code. For example, a restaurant wants to place a QR code on a mail postcard, directly connected to a take-out menu online.
To create 2-D bar code, you will need a Quick Response Code Generator. This is a software app that helps you create your own unique QR code images.
You can find many generators on web to create 2-D barcode. Choose free QR code generator from our list below, or if you need advanced capabilities, choose paid QR code generator. Enter information you would like delivered to the fields. Tap into the creation.
There you go! Creating a new QR code is just that easy. Output is a QR code image file that you can download. Then you insert the image into marketing campaign content, trade show banner, a logo, email, an ad or elsewhere.What is QR code And how it Works?

How to scan QR codes

The second part of two-way code working is that the party you are intending to get information from has to scan the QR code on “read”. In our case, a desired user may be a potential user who receives a postcard with a QR code on it.
The required recipient uses a QR code reader or a QR code scanner app. Today, the camera app in mobile phones can scan QR code. Furthermore, there are new iPhone and Android smartphones that come with built-in functionality. Or users can download QR Code Scanning App from the respective App Store on their phones or other devices such as tablets and laptops.

How to create a QR code

The steps to creating QR barcode are so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Ready to create one of these easy codes? Let’s get it started.
1. Decide how you intend to use the QR code
In Step 1 of creating a QR barcode, choose how you intend to use it. Start with the end in mind. What are your goals and needs? What information would you like to share?What is QR code And how it Works?
Many uses of QR barcode are related to marketing. You might need to give consumers more information than you can fit in an ad like a small space, so you apply a scanable code that takes up little space. A scan can prompt a user to take on landing pages or some other action. Here are a few examples

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