Who was Alp Arslan and Battle of Manzikert ?

Alp Arsalan, Turk Alparsalan (“the brave lion”),

original name íaud al-Dawla Aboujahīmad ibn Dād Chagribg, (born c. 1030 — January 1072, second Sultan of the Seljuk Turks (1063 – 72), known as Khursan and the Seljuk regions of western Iran. Inherited and went on to conquer Georgia, Armenia, and most of Asia Minor (won by Byzantines).
Alp Arsalan was the son of Chagri Baig, the ruler of Khorsan in Iran, and a nephew of western Iran’s governor Togul, the base of Seljuk expansion. His father died in 1061. When, in 1063, his uncle died without a problem,

Born outside the traditional Muslim countries he would later rule

, Alp Arsalan left his administration to his vizier, Naimulik, who later served as administrator under Sultan’s son and successor, Malik Shah. Remained. While conquering Iraq, Alp Arsalan rocked that country to avoid such a clash of interests with the caliphate, whose seat was there, as complicated as the last days of Tugrul. Alp Arsalan The political activity was based on ideas that influenced the three great Seljuk independents. In Central Asia, peace prevailed with Ghaznavi rulers was hard to find in their mountain pits in India,

Oz Turkic tribes (sometimes called Turkmen), which was essential to their military might.

In 1064 he captured the former Armenian capital, and Cars. These actions only resulted in stabilization of boundaries, assuring seljuk control over the pasture on the Aras River. However, though the band returned to Muslim territory to redeem their loot, these campaigns upset the Byzantine defense system and, in result, paved the way for Turkey’s victory over Asia Minor. This resulted in a Byzantine reaction in Syria and Armenia, after which the two kingdoms began talking. Alp Arsalan then decided to pretty much preserve himself from the Byzantine side, at the request of the Egyptian rebels,

the great anti Famd campaign which was demanded by the Orthodox Abbasi Caliphate.

As he was about to invade Aleppo, whose prince was too late in support of Abyssidus, and was preparing to occupy Syria, Alp Arsalan learned that the Byzantine emperor Romanos IV Deogenus, with a mighty army, took over Armenia. I was  my rear army. Quickly retracting his steps, he confronted his opponent near who was Alp Arslan and Battle of Manzikert ? Manzkirt in August 1071. The Byzantine army, strong in numbers but weak in morale, fell before surrendering.But the battle of Manzkirt opened the Asia Minor to Turkmen victory. Later,

every royal family in Asia Minor was to claim an ancestor

who had fought that sixty-eight day.
Alp Arslan’s victory followed a common death, allowing the moral to remember that power lies in God alone: In late 1072, he returned to the Qarhanid Frontier and, during the brawl, the prisoner took his life You have been wounded. At the age of 13, he had nominated his heir’s son Malik Shah under the patronage of Nim-ul-Mulk.who was Alp Arslan and Battle of Manzikert ?

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