Who was Mao Zedong ?How he Awaked his Nation?

Mao Zidong, Wedgiles Romanization Mao Tessing,

(December 26, 1893, Shushan, Hanan Province, China—September 9, 1976, Beijing), Chinese Marxist theorist, soldier, and politician who led his country’s Communist Revolution. Mao was the leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from 1935 until his death, and he was the chief of the People’s Republic of China from 1949 to 1959 (and also the chairman of the party until his death). When China emerged from half a century of the revolution, all over the world. As a country with the highest population and launched itself on the path of Who was Mao Zedong ?How he Awaked his Nation?

CCP in 1921 to the death of Mao in 1976,

one may consider Mao Zedong the principal architect of new China. Mao was born in Shushan village of Hanan province, a former farmer Son of Ka who became rich as a farmer and a grain seller. He grew up in an environment where the value of education was only as training for records and accounts keeping. From the age of eight he studied at the primary school in his native village, where he gained the basic knowledge of Vojing (Confusion Classical). At the age of 13

Liang Keichao and the Nationalist Revolutionary Sun Yat Sen.

When the real revolution came in front of his eyes, he started studying revolutionary ideologies. On October 10, 1911, war against the Chang family broke out in Wuchang, and within two weeks the revolt spread to Changsha.
After joining a unit of the Revolutionary Army in Hanan, Mao spent six months as a soldier. Although he had not yet clearly comprehended the idea that, as he later said, “political power is outside the ” his early brief military experience at least taught military leaders and accomplishments these. Confirmed the definition of boyhood. Back in primary school days, their heroes included not only the great warrior emperor of the Chinese past but also.

Napoleon I and George Whasington.Who was Mao Zedong ?How he Awaked his Nation?

For a year he went from one thing to another, trying, in turn, police school, a law school, and business school; he studied history in a secondary school and then Western at the provincial library Spent a few months reading many classics of liberal tradition. Instead of pointing out a lack of decision in Mao’s role, it reflected the situation in China at the time. In 1905 the abolition of government civil service examination system and disintegration of western education in so called modern schools had left youth in a state of uncertainty as to whether Chinese or Western type of training them for career or their own country She can prepare the best for the service.

Mao finally graduated from Changsha’s first provincial normal school

in 1918. Although a secondary institution rather than officially higher education, the general school offered high-quality instruction in Chinese history, literature and philosophy, as well as Western ideology. While in school, Mao also gained his first experience in political activism by helping establish several student organizations. The most important of these was the New Peoples’ Study Society, founded in the winter of 1917-18, many of whose members would later join the Communist Party.Who was Mao Zedong ?How he Awaked his Nation?

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